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The "GOAT" of Hat Making: BBC Sports Covers Alberto Hernandez

Master hatmaker Alberto Hernandez is now officially dubbed the "GOAT" of Hat Making!

Beckham, LeBron & Bieber - Meet 'the GOAT' of hat making
The BBC Sports feature takes viewers behind the scenes with our very own Alberto Hernandez and gives a glimpse into how Alberto, a third generation hat maker, began developing his own unique style as a teen after being inspired by the worn and dirty hats he saw in the film, "The Good The Bad and The Ugly".

"I saw this film, The Good the Bad and the Ugly...when I saw those hats, I was amazed by it. That got into my head and it never left."

In the video, Alberto can be seen blending his masterful hat making techniques with his own sense of style and artistry as he picks out details, splatters paint...

 ...and even uses fire to give his hats a distressed look.


Alberto's unique style and attention to detail began to get the notice of celebrities who saw him at work in his hat shop, including Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.


Newton's hat obsession began after watching Alberto craft his first custom made hat in person. Since then he's worked with Alberto on dozens of unique toppers and is not afraid to let Alberto take artistic chances; Alberto talks of Newton's openness to wearing unique designs.


   "Cam Newton is definitely my wildest client. He wears a hat everyday no matter what; if I want to put a horn on it, he's okay with it"

Alberto talks of some of his first experiences working with celebrity clientele including how creating a hat Pharrell wore to the Grammy's spurred other notable personalities to seek out the hat maker.

Eventually Alberto found himself making hats for a slew of known personalities including Lebron James, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga Madonna, Johnny Depp, and more.

  "That's when things got so crazy...everyone wanted a hat"


To hear more about Alberto and his journey as a hat maker, check out the entire profile by watching the full video on the BBC Sports YouTube Channel.

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