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Alberto Hernandez: The Man Behind Meshika

I am a third generation hat-maker; my father and grandfather began teaching me how to make hats when I was twelve years old. When I first learned how to make hats I was not particularly passionate about the craft, but all that changed when I saw "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Clint Eastwood. I still remember the feeling of electricity running through my body when I saw those western hats - dirty and worn, powerful and timeless. It was a style of hat I had never seen before.

I remember laying in bed that night dreaming about the hats. I needed to know where they were made, and by whom, and how! My research led me to Los Angeles, California - the city of dreams.

In 2006 I began as an apprentice at a hat shop in Burbank, California. I learned a new world of hat styles and a different type of craftsmanship. I fell in love with hat making, as a craft and a calling. For 12 years I honed my skills and mastered the craft of designing premier hats.

In 2018 my friends, family, and clients pushed me to pursue my passion and start my own company. Meshika was born.

I have learned a lot during my journey, and something I repeat often is: “never give up on your dreams.” I never gave up my dream of realizing my potential as a hat-maker, and making hats with unparalleled quality and character. Now my hats are worn by icons across multiple arenas. At times it feels surreal, but it's a product of HARD WORK, patience, great friends, love, support, and a bit of luck.

Seeing my hats on my clients gives me the most beautiful feeling - it's how I know I was born to make hats. I love how my creations enable me to make others feel good about themselves. I love that my hats make people smile, give them confidence, and make them courageous.

I created Meshika so that I could reach more people with my hats.

I created Meshika to give people the unique joy creating a hat can bring.

I created Meshika for the people.

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