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To measure your head at home... place a flexible measuring tape just above the eyebrows.

Measure around the circumference of your head leaving a finger's width above your ears on both sides.

Make sure you don't pull the tape measure too tight. It is important to provide us with the exact measurement, please don't round up or down. 

Measure again to make sure it matches up with your first measurement.  

XS  7 | 22''

S  7 1/8  //  22 3/8''

M  7 1/4  //  22 7/8''

L   7 3/8   //  23 1/4''

XL 7 1/2  //  23 5/8''

XXL 7 5/8  //  24 1/4''

If you have any additional questions regarding sizing, please email us at


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