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Cam Newton Wears Custom Fedora Hat at Patriots Press Conference

Congratulations Cam Newton on your new position with the New England Patriots. As a proud ambassador of Meshika, we are elated! 

Cam met with the media during a press conference and discussed bringing his energy to the practice field, taking on a default leadership role as QB.

During the Patriots Press conference Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, Cam sported another custom hat, an oversized fedora hand crafted for him by Alberto Hernandez. Cam is definitely no stranger of bringing style to the athletic world. This custom beaver hat with with mud cloth, African borro, and fun accents such as a safety pin and hand cast chain, is typical to Cam’s fun taste.

Cam Newton Hat Patriots Press Conference

A reporter asks came where he got his unique hat, saying he doesn’t think he can pull it off himself. Cam replies “Yes you can. You can’t be scared to wear it, it ain’t gonna to bite ya”. We couldn’t agree more which is why we pride ourselves on crafting the best custom hats in the world. We will make it just for you to reflect your style and we promise it’ll feel like an extension of yourself.

 Cam is no stranger to using style to express himself. He often speaks of how the “vibe” is the most important energy to bring to not only his team, but life. Cam definitely translates this mantra into his look, making him the most stylish quarter back in the NFL.

“It’s all about a vibe, that you set and curate. The vibe becomes the standard”, Cam shares with the press about what he brings to his team as a leader. Continuously striving to bring his infectious energy to his new team, we can’t wait to see him in action, and rocking his signature hats post game.

cam newton fedora New England patriots

Cam Newton looking fresh in our custom made fedora while discussing his new role as quarterback with the New England Patriots.

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