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Step into the world of majestic confidence with our Leo Inspired Hat. Crafted for those who exude Leo's radiant energy, this hat captures the essence of regality and charisma that defines this zodiac sign. More than an accessory; it's a symbol of your inner radiance and leadership qualities. Embrace your regal essence and make a statement that reflects your true Leo spirit.

Its All In The Details:

Orange Detail Stitching on the Crown: Infused with Leo's fiery spirit, the intricate orange stitching on the crown adds a touch of vibrancy and energy, mirroring the Lion's bold nature.

Tan Ribbon Band Layered with Hand-Dyed Silk: A tribute to Leo's elegance, the hat features a tan ribbon band adorned with hand-dyed silk, resonating with their love for luxurious details.

Sterling Silver Charms and Dandelion Adornment: The sterling silver charms and dried dandelion on the ribbon band capture Leo's creative essence and connection to natural beauty.

Dusty Peach Quarter Binding: Reflecting Leo's passion for alluring aesthetics, the dusty peach quarter binding adds a subtle yet captivating touch to the hat's design.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Thunderbird Pin: A symbol of Leo's free-spirited nature, the sterling silver and turquoise thunderbird pin represents strength and leadership.

Hand-Stitched Rose Gold Accents: With hand-stitched rose gold accents, this hat celebrates Leo's attention to detail and love for artistic expression.

 Branded Details: Under the brim, you'll find branded details that signify the authenticity of this Leo-inspired creation.

Product Details:

100% Beaver Felt Bone

Spine Crown

Brim Width 3 1/2 in 

Crown Height 4in  

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