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Elevate your style with the alluring charm and perfect balance of Libra.  Crafted for those who embody Libra's elegance and diplomacy, this hat captures the essence of harmony and beauty that defines this zodiac sign. Embrace the harmony within you and let your fashion resonate as a powerful declaration reflecting the Libra spirit.

Its All In The Details:

Peach Fedora:  The distressed peach color is a  visual and tactile representation that encompasses Libra's essence – their pursuit of balance, their ability to navigate complexity with grace, and their desire to bring beauty and harmony to the world around them.

Bands: The distressed rust ribbon band complements the hat's charm, reflecting Libra's appreciation for the finer details. The mustard binding adds a touch of warmth to the hat, mirroring Libra's harmonious nature and desire for equilibrium.

White Stitching Details : Delicate white stitching details layered with floral motifs mirror Libra's love for artistic beauty and decorative intricacies. The white crown detail stitching adds an elegant touch, capturing Libra's meticulous attention to refinement.

Hand-Beaded Libra Constellation: The hand-beaded Libra constellation pays homage to Libra's connection to the cosmos and their pursuit of inner harmony.

Denim Patch: The denim patch on the brim, adorned with green floral stitching, reflects Libra's love for blending creativity with practicality.

Hand Stitched: The multi-colored stitched element signs celebrate Libra's appreciation for diverse perspectives and their ability to find common ground. While red star stitching adds a celestial touch, reflecting Libra's connection to the cosmos.

Onyx and Turquoise Feather: The onyx and turquoise feather represents Libra's desire for balance and connection to both the spiritual and the practical.

Sign Branding Under Brim: Under the brim, you'll find branding that symbolizes the authenticity of this Libra-inspired creation.

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