Gear Patrol Covers Meshika Hat Brand Launch with Hatter Alberto Hernandez – Meshika Hats

Gear Patrol covers new brand Meshika by Alberto Hernandez - The Most Influential Hatmaker in America Just Started His Own Brand

In Novemeber's Gear Patrol Style section article titled "he Most Influential Hatmaker in America Just Started His Own Brand", author John Zientek writes:

"It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that you’ve seen hats crafted by Alberto Hernandez. Over the last decade, the 28-year-old Los Angeles denizen has become one of the most influential hatmakers in America, producing hats for movies, celebrities and countless clients across the world. “I’ll be honest,” Hernandez admitted. “I’ve made over 10,000 hats myself.” Interestingly enough, that incredible number was produced mostly under the radar, stamped with the names of a couple notable California brands. But this summer, Hernandez struck out on his own and founded Meshika, offering both stock and custom hats.

Long before Hernandez had a Rolodex of A-list clients, he was surrounded by a different type of hatmaking. Both his father and grandfather made western cowboy hats and sombreros charros in Guanajuato, Mexico, where Hernandez was born. “It was beautiful growing up around hats in my house,” he said. And though he didn’t initially have any interest in pursuing the craft himself, his feelings changed after watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly when he was 14. Hernandez was captivated by the worn-in character of the western hats worn by Clint Eastwood. He asked his father about making hats like that in the family workshop but learned it was a near impossibility. “He told me, ‘It’s too difficult, son. All those hats come from the U.S. They’re beaver felt or rabbit felt and it’s very difficult to get for us,'” Hernandez said."

Read the rest of the article here.

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